Turning Believers Towards Knowing Freedom

The Reddish Planet
The Silence of Alone

Welcome to the New Religion
of Conscious Thought
Driven by Intelligent Awareness
First thing, return
ALL of those lies you’ve bought
& re-learn what you already KNOW
We don’t want believers
They are easily deceived by deceivers
We want to plant the seed of thought
not feelings, feelings are too concealing
to awaken, shaken you into movement
into doing, to become the Seeder
the Anti-Believer
Once we got you going, sowing
We’ve got to keep you knowing
To Be intelligent is asking why
always & in all ways until you die
to prioritize HEALTH before wealth
that’s the synergy, to create from negative,
positive energy, that’s the key
out reach, Learn & Teach
minimize differences & conflicts
Be a Physician among the Sick…R.D.Revilo

Healing Cures Sickness, Cures Require Healing

IF is Ignorance Fear…One Kills, the other Paralyzes, Into Hoping…The Only Devil in This Life is Ignorance…R.D.Revilo

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